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How to Apply for a New Internet Subscription to Comnet?

Category: Subscription Management

We offer two easy ways to subscribe to Comnet: through our website or our mobile application. Both methods provide our users with a quick and convenient way to apply.

1. Applying Through Our Website: You can complete the subscription application by visiting Comnet's official website. After clicking on a button like "Subscribe Now" or "New Subscription" on our website, you can proceed with your application by selecting the subscription type from the options provided.

Click Here to Apply

If you would like one of our sales representatives to call you, you can fill out the contact request form by clicking here.

2. Applying Through Our Mobile Application: You can also complete the subscription application using Comnet's official mobile application on your smartphone. After logging into the application, you can complete your application by selecting the "Subscribe Now" option on the home screen.

After completing your application and payment, the Comnet customer service team will contact you as soon as possible. Upon approval of your application, the installation and activation process will begin, and your internet service will be activated shortly.

Subscribing to Comnet through our website or mobile application is very easy, and we are excited to provide you with a high-speed and reliable internet experience. Visit our website now or download our mobile application from the app store to learn more or to apply.