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Subscription Management

How to Switch to Comnet?

You can easily switch to Comnet without closing your current internet service.

Comnet offers an easy transition option that doesn't require you to contact your current internet provider. By filling out the online application form on our website or through our mobile application, you can quickly and easily complete your transition process. In most cases, the transition process is completed within 48 hours, and you can continue using your internet service. On the day you switch, you will only experience a few minutes of downtime.

Comnet offers its users various internet packages tailored to their needs. With different speed options and pricing models, users can choose packages that fit their budgets and usage habits.

It provides home internet subscribers with access to a wide range of content and applications. It offers easy access to many popular applications, from movie and series platforms to gaming services.

By switching to Comnet, you can enjoy a better internet experience. We offer advantages such as free transition, affordable prices, high-speed internet, and 24/7 technical support.

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