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Terms of Use

You can review the terms of use regarding Comnet services and services.

Our Commitment To Privacy

The Basics (but not limited to) in plain English Updated On 30/10/2023

  1. Nothing illegal! – No spamming, illegal pornography, warez, phishing sites, phishing emails, serial numbers, cracks, codes, stolen MP3s, etc…
  2. No Server abuse.
  3. We bill monthly – no long-term contracts.
  4. If you violate any of the above policies, COMNET A.S. will cancel your account (we always contact you first).
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to dedicated, co-located, VPS, and Virtuozzo Included accounts. You lose your 30-day money-back guarantee if you violate our AUP/TOS.

The Legal Version

Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) (for all accounts) COMNET A.S. has certain ethical, legal, and moral responsibilities consisting with the use of its servers and equipment involved in the services of web site hosting, marketing, and design. COMNET A.S. reserves the right to suspend, deny, or cancel a subscriber’s access to any or all services provided by COMNET A.S. whenever COMNET A.S. decides the services it has rendered have been inappropriately used. Use of COMNET A.S.'s service constitutes acceptance and agreement to our policies.

Web Site, Server, and Network Content/Use Provisions (for all accounts) All services provided by COMNET A.S. and its underlying service providers may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data, or material in violation of any Republic of Turkey, state, or city law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene, material protected by trade secret and other statutes, material that would cause harm to minors, threats and harassment, forgery, fraud, unfriendly network disruptions, and distribution of viruses. The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless COMNET A.S. from any claims resulting from the use of the service that damages the subscriber or any other party. The subscriber also agrees that COMNET A.S. may disclose, without subscriber's consent, any and all information related to the subscriber and their service with COMNET A.S. to any law enforcement agent who makes a written request.

COMNET A.S. is not responsible for any material input by anyone other than COMNET A.S. and/or posted to the COMNET A.S. network by anyone other than COMNET A.S. This includes the content and links on websites hosted by COMNET A.S. COMNET A.S. disclaims any liability and responsibility relating to inappropriate use or inappropriate content of anything hosted by COMNET A.S. that COMNET A.S. did not solely create and post to the COMNET A.S. network.

Spamming: COMNET A.S. prohibits its users from sending unsolicited e-mail messages (“spamming”), including, but not limited to: Posting the same, or similar, messages to one or more Usenet or other newsgroups, forums, e-mail mailing lists or other similar groups or lists; Posting any Usenet or other newsgroup, forum, e-mail mailing list, or other similar group, or list articles which are off-topic or otherwise violate the rules of the charter or other owner-published FAQ or description of the group or list; Sending unsolicited e-mail, including commercial advertisements and informational announcements to Internet users, or any unsolicited e-mail that could reasonably be expected to provoke complaints; Using e-mail to engage in harassment, whether through language, frequency, or messages. Continuing to send someone e-mail after being asked to stop is considered harassment; Sending e-mail with falsified or obscured header or information designed to hinder the identification of the location of what is advertised; Collecting replies to either (i) unsolicited e-mail messages or (ii) messages that were either sent through another provider which violates these rules or those of the other provider. COMNET A.S. allows only COI (Closed-Loop Opt-In) mailing lists. More information on COI can be found here. Users who send bulk e-mail to “opt-in” lists must have a method of confirming or verifying subscriptions and be able to show evidence of subscriptions for users who complain about unsolicited e-mail. The Company’s receipt of complaints from Internet users related to e-mails received due to users' use of “opt-in” lists shall be a violation of this AUP.

Any user that gets any of COMNET A.S.’s IPs listed on any legitimate Spam Block or Black hole list such as but not limited to SpamCop or Spamhaus will be billed a $100 charge to the subscriber's account and additionally a $100 per hour administrative charge to remove the block and protect our IP ranges and mail servers.

Pornography: Pornography is prohibited on any COMNET A.S. server. COMNET A.S. will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision, but in general, if it's legal for all ages to see, it's ok, if you have to be 18 or 21 to view, then it's not ok. COMNET A.S. also reserves the right not to host sites that it considers, in its sole discretion, to be religiously or racially offensive or inflammatory. COMNET A.S. will not host warez sites or anything related to, promoting, or offering warez, serial numbers, cracks, illegal mp3s, or anything else that would be considered illegal by the laws governing the citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

With the few exceptions listed above and below, we support the uncensored flow of information and ideas over the internet. We do not actively monitor the information that our subscribers transmit and receive; however, we do react immediately to any alleged violations of any of our policies in which case we reserve the right to monitor anything on our network and any packet of information that traverses our network.

Bandwidth usage for dedicated and co-located servers: (for dedicated and co-location accounts) Subscriber agrees to pay for all bandwidth they use that is above the amount included in their package, at the current rate, which is listed on COMNET A.S.'s dedicated server page. Subscriber may elect to have their bandwidth capped at any amount at their choice, or they may elect to have no cap and simply pay for the additional bandwidth used above what is included in the subscriber's package.

Background-running Programs: (for virtual accounts) We may allow programs to run continuously in the background. These are considered on an individual basis, and an extra charge may be incurred based on system resources used and operational maintenance needed.

IP addresses: (Applies to dedicated and co-location subscribers only, does not apply to virtual accounts.) All IPs that are assigned to COMNET A.S.’s subscribers must be used under the authorized use stipulations within 24 hours of being assigned the IP. Authorized use stipulations are taken from RIPE and ARIN, the organization that manages IPs in the United States. There are to be no unused IPs on COMNET A.S.’s networks, except those in reserve for COMNET A.S. to assign its subscribers on an as-needed basis. Subscribers are only allocated IPs that they will use within 24 hours. Subscribers are not allowed to keep IPs in reserve.