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You don't need to invest in server. True server solutions for any scale.

  • Backbone Uptime99.9% Uptime
  • Multi Tier-1 Conn.2.4+ Tbps
  • Uplink100 Gbps Uplink
Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Configurations

You can pick any configuration available or get a quote by order customization.

Order Summary

Why Comnet Dedicated Server?

The best performance and highest quality

Top-Quality Server Brands

Comnet uses globally renowned brands such as Dell, HP, Cisco for all rented servers. No OEM products are included.

Fast Delivery Time

Servers custom-built with extensive stock options are delivered within a maximum of 3 business days.

Remote Control

Remote access KVM services are provided free of charge in rented server services.

Redundant Internet Exit

Access to rented server services is provided through a fully redundant infrastructure by Comnet Data Center.

24/7 Live Support

All users can benefit from our 24/7 live support service. You can reach our expert team at our support line 444 4678, 24/7.

800+ Peering

All servers have full access to all peering capacities of Comnet Global IP Backbone quality.

DDoS Protection

All rented servers can easily benefit from the first and only award-winning 'Secure Uplink' service in Turkey. No installation is required.

Free IPv4

At least /30 (1 IP) is allocated free of charge for all rented servers.

Unlimited Traffic

All rented servers, with a minimum of 500Mbit, have dedicated, unlimited, and symmetric access. Ensures full and uninterrupted access even during peak times.

800+ Peering

Our network has peering connections with more than 150 services, including popular service providers like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Whatsapp, Amazon.

Connection Between Data Centers

Thanks to its strategic location, Comnet Data Center hosts 15 independent operators both nationally and internationally.