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Subscription Management

Information Regarding Change of Address and Transfer of Internet Service:

No. It is not possible to transfer your Comnet subscription to another address. Instead, you can cancel your current subscription and start a subscription to your new address.

You must first cancel your subscription from your customer panel and then apply for your new address within 7 days. For services that will be transferred, transactions cannot be made for your new address without canceling your subscription.
When you cancel your old service and apply to your new address, your remaining days from your old service are added to your new service, up to a maximum of 400 days in total.

Subscribers who will be transferred can transfer all of their days in the old service by applying for 1 month. In case of a 3 Month/6 Month/12 Month purchase, since more than 400 days cannot be added, only up to 400 days of your old days will be added. If it exceeds 400 days, the remaining days in the transferred old service will be added. Your rights will not be exercised.

If a different service speed package is purchased, the necessary payment calculation is made and the days corresponding to the payment are added by the system to a maximum of 400 days.

You can request your old days after you apply to your new address within 7 (seven) days after your canceled service from your customer panel. If it falls outside this period, old cancellation service days will not be transferred.

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