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Subscription Management

Opportunities and Procedures for Freezing Unused Service Periods

Comnet Fiber Internet offers customers a unique experience compared to other operators. We enable our users to pay for their internet service and use as much internet as they need. All our services are offered on a prepaid basis, ensuring that users never encounter an unexpected bill.

Furthermore, another advantage we offer Comnet Fiber Internet users is flexibility and control. Twice a year, our users can pause their services for up to 60 days. This provides great convenience to users, especially when their internet needs decrease due to travel, holidays, or other reasons. When users pause their services, the remaining service period does not decrease, and they can resume their services whenever they wish.

At Comnet Fiber Internet, we take pride in offering our customers a flexible and transparent service that fits their needs and lifestyles. This allows our customers to have full control over their internet usage while optimizing their costs.

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