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Social Media, Digital Content, and CDN

The Best Network Applied for Social Media Applications and CDN Companies

Social Media, Digital Content, and CDN

Comnet Global IP Backbone provides the most direct access opportunities for end-users due to its location and unique connections.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) companies transmit their content to users over Turkey's and the world's largest IP backbone, allowing for minimizing latency.

Comnet Global IP Backbone serves as the intersection point for not only Turkey but also the EMEA region, the Far East, and the European continent. Additionally, Comnet directly connects its own fiber internet users to CDN and social media organizations within its network.

DECIX Internet Exchange aims to ensure uninterrupted and low-latency access for end-users to other operators.

All networks on Comnet Global IP Backbone connect seamlessly to online live streaming services, which have become increasingly important today.

Comnet's data center-independent Global IP Backbone allows for direct connections to content, regardless of its location. DECIX Internet Exchange continues to enhance service and service quality by adding new operators to its network every day.

In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Comnet establishes a direct point of presence (POP) in 6 Tier 3 data centers and uses a fully redundant ring structure. Full Route and Smart Routing automatically determine the best global routes.

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