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Professional Solutions for the Finance Sector

Comnet Global IP Backbone is specially configured for critical access points

Professional Solutions for the Finance Sector

Comnet Global IP Backbone, based in our country, is fully compliant with all regulations determined by the BTK. Additionally, it is subject to the regulations of the Turkish Electronic Communications Law No. 5809.

Comnet Data Center is located in the heart of Turkey's Metro accessibility center in Istanbul. We provide special solutions for all institutions that are required by our country's Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) to store their data within our country.

In various data centers within the borders of Turkey, backup and disaster recovery scenarios are developed, and projects are presented to ensure the continuity of data protection.

As part of the "Let Turkey's Data Stay in Turkey" project, our infrastructure with full redundancy ensures service delivery for all required applications without leaving the boundaries of our country. Services such as Web, Email, Block Databases, Big Data, Mobile Data, and more are protected according to international standards.

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