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Internet Service Providers

Specialized services for businesses providing wired/wireless internet access

Internet Service Providers

Comnet Data Center serves as a meeting point for other service providers in our country. Networks and operators that aim to provide their subscribers with a higher quality and uninterrupted internet experience can establish their own POP points in our independent locations.

Through direct access to local and international networks, it provides its fully redundant infrastructure equally and independently to all service providers. Operators can also establish the most direct connections among themselves.

Comnet also supports independent networks by connecting all small and large operators within its network to the world's largest internet exchange platforms.

Comnet Global IP backbone and the DECIX Internet Exchange platforms established under Comnet's leadership are made available to all our users without any shortcomings, with the aim of ensuring that all users have access to high-quality internet. For more detailed information and project planning, please contact us.

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