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What Can You Do with the Comnet Mobile App?

Category: General

Always with you, anytime, anywhere! Make your life easier and carry the unique internet experience in your pocket with Comnet's updated mobile application.

Comnet Mobile App offers users the opportunity to manage and control their internet services. Here's what you can do with the Comnet Mobile App:

1. New Subscription and Migration Application:

You can apply for a new subscription or apply to transfer your existing service to Comnet through the Comnet Mobile App.

2. Service Extension:

You can easily extend your service duration through the application. You can extend your service duration using your credit card or bank card.

3. Automatic Bill Payment Instruction:

You can set up automatic bill payment instructions to pay your bills on time. This way, you can make your bill payments regularly every month.

4. Support and Transaction Requests:

In case of any request, complaint, or fault, you can easily apply for support through the application. You can also quickly perform transactions such as service suspension/activation and static IP request.

5. Subscription Cancellation and Modem Purchase:

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can also do this through the application. Additionally, you can easily purchase modem/router through the mobile app.

6. Bring a Friend Campaign:

To make your loved ones also Comnet users, you can get your "Bring a Friend" invitation code through the application and benefit from the campaign.

7. Speed Test:

You can perform a speed test through the application to test your internet speed and easily determine the performance of your internet.

The Comnet Mobile App offers users the opportunity to easily perform many transactions. Don't forget to download the Comnet Mobile App to maximize the efficiency of your services and quickly handle your transactions!