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What are the Bring Your Friend Campaign Conditions?

Bring a friend campaign conditions are as follows. You can also access this information from your customer panel.
To benefit from the gift day privilege, you must have an active Comnet xDSL or Comnet fiber internet subscription.
The coupon code generated for the invitation is generated once for each service address.
In case of address change or package change, the coupon code will change.
Invited people must have used the inviting coupon code during prepaid subscription. Coupon codes not used during subscription cannot be applied after subscription.
Unlimited people can be invited with a single invitation code.
The person who uses the coupon code can earn a maximum of 180 days of gifts for each active service. If the number of remaining days decreases, you can earn bonus days again.
For each successful subscription made with the invitation code, an additional gift day is instantly added to the owner of the invitation coupon code, as shown in the table below, up to 45 days. The gift period of up to 45 days will be valid for the new subscriber who uses the coupon code as soon as the service is activated and will be defined in his/her account.
If the account of the invited new subscriber is canceled before 90 days or switched to another service provider. The time gifted to the parties will be withdrawn.
Gift days of people who behave inappropriately (trying to make financial gain from coupon codes, etc.) will be deleted.
Gift day campaign cannot be combined with other discounts. Comnet reserves the right to make changes at any time regarding this campaign.
Users whose remaining active usage days are more than 180 days cannot earn gift days.

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