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What is a Static IP? How to Purchase it?

Static IP address is a type of IP address that allows a device to have a fixed identifier on the Internet. Static IP addresses are commonly used for servers, network devices, or specific usage requirements. Having a static IP address for a device ensures that it can always be accessed with the same IP address. This is particularly important for the reliability and stability of servers or remote access devices. Additionally, static IP addresses are required for certain special network applications and security settings. However, for most home users or small businesses, dynamic IP addresses are typically sufficient.

Common uses of static IP addresses include remote monitoring of camera systems, game servers, file servers, VPN systems, etc.

You can purchase a Static IP address from your customer panel or our mobile application. Simply navigate to the relevant section in your customer panel or mobile app, select the Static IP service, and proceed with the purchase easily. Remember that a Static IP address may be needed for your extra security, remote access, or special network configurations.

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