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How to Perform an Accurate Internet Speed Test?

Category: Home/Business Internet

To conduct an accurate internet speed test, you can follow these steps:

1. Check your connected device and internet connection: Before running an internet speed test, ensure that your computer or other devices are properly connected to the internet for accurate results. Wired connections typically provide more accurate results, but you can also perform the test using a wireless connection if necessary.

2. Choose a reliable internet speed test service: There are many online services available for testing your internet speed. You can choose from popular options such as, Ookla Speedtest, (Netflix's speed test service), or use Google's "internet speed test" search to find a speed test tool.

3. Minimize internet usage on other devices: Minimizing the internet usage of other devices while conducting the speed test can help you obtain accurate results. Therefore, if possible, pause or limit internet usage on other devices in your home.

4. Repeat the test at different times: Internet speed can vary depending on peak hours or the status of the network in your area. By repeating the test at different times, you can observe whether your internet speed fluctuates.